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16 Aug 2013 21:23 CEST  written by FDS-Team - 240 comment(s)

Today we want to present you our latest project Pipelight, which allows to run your favorite Silverlight application directly inside your Linux browser. The project combines the effort by Erich E. Hoover with a new browser plugin that embeds Silverlight directly in any Linux browser supporting the Netscape Plugin API (Firefox, Chrome / Chromium, Midori, Opera, …). He worked on a set of Wine patches to get Playready DRM protected content working inside Wine and afterwards created an Ubuntu package called Netflix Desktop. This package allows one to use Silverlight inside a Windows version of Firefox, which works as a temporary solution but is not really user-friendly and moreover requires Wine to translate all API calls of the browser. To solve this problem we created Pipelight.

23 Oct 2013 05:51 CEST comment by Christian

Hi Sebastian!

Well, my system time is correct.

I'm using Chakra. I'd installed pipelight from CCR repository, and it was working great until yesterday. I don't know what happened.

I'm using Firefox 24 and UAControl extension to set user-agent strings per site. For Netflix.com I set the following user-agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0

The test page shows this:

User agent (Javascript)
Checking for Windows user agent …failed
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0
Almost all Silverlight applications require you to use a user agent switcher!

Silverlight (as seen by a website)
Checking for Silverlight …okay
Version: 5.1.20513.0

Result from all tests …failed
You need to fix your user agent by installing a user agent switcher

23 Oct 2013 04:12 CEST comment by Sebastian

Hi Christian,

hm, unfortunately you seem to be the first person using Pipelight with exactly this error code, so I also don't know for sure what causes these issues.

Based on the information on some websites it could be certificate related - can you please check if your system time is correct?

If this isn't the issue, please provide additionally the following information:

  • Which distribution are you using exactly and which instructions did you use to install?
  • What does the following diagnostic page show? (please also write down the user agent, silverlight version, and all other issues which are probably shown there.)


23 Oct 2013 03:09 CEST comment by Christian

When I am trying to play movie on Netflix I get Internet Connection Problem with the error code of N8102-106.

Any help?

21 Oct 2013 00:45 CEST pingback by www.linuxquestions.org

Installing silverlight or moonlight in linux
[…] Silverlight for their Live TV stream. The how-to is included in the link below. http://fds-team.de/cms/articles/2013...-browsers.html

19 Oct 2013 12:23 CEST comment by Crowley


I successfully tested the german vod portal VIDEOBUSTER.de with pipelight and Arch Linux 64bit and Linux Mint 32bit. The player uses Silverlight 5.1 and needs Pipelight v0.1-3 as minimum. And you need to switch your user agent.

Great project!

19 Oct 2013 07:48 CEST comment by John K

Hi Michael, I went back to the 13.04 Chromium and netflix worked well. Google Chrome also works well..using your cmdline idea for the user-agent also worked. Thanks for proving alternatives that work…my transformation to 13.10 seems to have caused me very little pain, thx to your quick work
Cheers, John

18 Oct 2013 19:37 CEST comment by Michael

Hi John,

I just have done some tests and you are right it does not work with chromium and Ubuntu 13.10. They have changed something in the code of chromium which affects not only the user agent switcher but also many other plugins. I tested all user agent switchers I could find, but none of them worked since they did change something in the plugin API. This change doesn't seem to affect chrome (yet). I can not provide you with a solution yet, but the following workarounds should work:

  • use Chrome instead of Chromium
  • use Firefox
  • start Chromium from a terminal with chromium-browser --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:15.0) Gecko/20120427 Firefox/15.0a1"

Here are also more information about the problem with links to questions and bug reports:

Hopefully I can provide you with a better solution soon.


18 Oct 2013 17:18 CEST comment by Michael

Hi John,

I already got a similar bug report and I currently suspect that they changed something with chromium or the user agent switcher which we recommend for chrome/chromium. You could try to use a different user agent switcher (or specify the user agent via command line: --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:15.0) Gecko/20120427 Firefox/15.0a1") and if it doesn't help execute rm -rf ~/.wine-pipelight which will reset all silverlight related files.

Nevertheless, I am currently downloading the iso file of 13.10 so that I can try it on one of my machines to be sure that this problem is not caused by some changes in Ubuntu. I will write an additional comment with my results when I am done with my tests.


18 Oct 2013 16:46 CEST comment by John K

hello, and thanks for pipelight.
i had pipelight and Netflix working well on Ubuntu 13.04….I upgraded to ubuntu 13.10 and get Netflix error N8109 when I try to watch a movie that played two days ago. I use Chromium as my browser… i realize i moved to 13.10 a bit quickly, but this has been the only issue I can't resolve. Details: re-installed Pipelight. I have F15 User agent switcher. Netflix still works through Firefox-Desktop.

Any advice?

17 Oct 2013 11:15 CEST comment by George Birbilis (zoomicon.com)

Hi, don't have a Linux-box or VM setup at the moment, is anyone interested in trying out ClipFlair Studio (http://studio.clipflair.net) and ClipFlair Gallery (http://gallery.clipflair.net) with PipeLight?

I wonder if the audio recording/playback (at the Revoicing component of ClipFlair Studio) will work OK

14 Oct 2013 20:31 CEST comment by Markus (www.markz.de)

Guten Tag,

I would like to confirm that (with the help of an user agent switcher) the German VOD site videoload.de also works flawlessly. Thank you very much for this awesome contribution. (I already made a donation to WINE, as you suggested.) Pipelight rocks!!

Cheers, Markus

14 Oct 2013 10:26 CEST pingback by kweepeer.wordpress.com
09 Oct 2013 23:28 CEST comment by SiO2

Hello Michael,
sorry for the late reply. I've just tried again to install pipelight on OpenSUSE 12.2 64 and this time worked perfectly, no error have been reported and the plug-in started working again on Chrome… Thank you in any case for your support!

08 Oct 2013 05:22 CEST comment by Adilson dos Santos Dantas (www.adilson.net.br)


I checked the bug report for libopus0. Since the maintainer is refusing to upload a patched package, I rebuild the packages using a fix described here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=674467#81 , installed both packages and all dependencies are solved after running this command:

apt-get install wine-compholio libasound2-plugins:i386 libavcodec54:i386

And it still working nice here.

Thanks for the help.


07 Oct 2013 23:15 CEST comment by Michael

Hi Adilson,

I took a look at the package control file of libopus0 for sid and couldn't see any manually defined conflicts, though I found some other people complaining about the same problem. The issue seems to be already in the normal packages of sid and must not necessarily be related to debian-multimedia. There is a bugreport http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=674467 at the debian bug tracker, so hopefully it gets fixed soon and we don't need to change the packages.


07 Oct 2013 05:36 CEST comment by Adilson dos Santos Dantas (www.adilson.net.br)


libjack0:i386 is installed on my system. I tried to trace all dependencies and I got the following messages.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
wine-compholio:i386 : Depends: libasound2-plugins:i386 but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: libgif4:i386 but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: libosmesa6:i386 but it is not going to be installed

libavcodec54:i386 : Depends: libopus0:i386 (>= 1.1~beta) but it is not going to be installed.

Tracking down all dependencies I found the following conflict:

libopus0 : Conflicts: libopus0:i386 but 1.1~beta-3 is to be installed
libopus0:i386 : Conflicts: libopus0 but 1.1~beta-3 is to be installed

Maybe this is caused by deb-multimedia.org ffmpeg since libavcodec54 comes from this repository.

06 Oct 2013 23:53 CEST comment by Michael

Hi SiO2,

I talked to him and the problem may be that you have an old package installed since the name of the required wine package changed some time ago. The correct package name should be wine-pipelight. Could you provide us with the following information, so that we can find the issue more easily:

  • OpenSUSE version + if it is 32 or 64 bit
  • output of: grep winePath -H -s /etc/pipelight ~/.config/pipelight
  • output of: rpm -qa "wine*" pipelight


06 Oct 2013 22:20 CEST comment by Michael

I will point the maintainer of the OpenSUSE package to your problem and write an update when I have more information for you.

Did you try to install pipelight/wine-compholio with apt-get install pipelight libjack0:i386? If I remember correctly the same problem occurred on Debian Jessie as libasound2-plugins:i386 depends on either libjack-0.116:i386 or libjack-jackd2-0:i386 and you manually need to specify which one should be installed.

If this does not help it would be nice if you could show me the error message, so that I may be able to fix it. If you get a message like abc : Depends: xyz (...) but it is not going to be installed you need to append the specified package to the apt-get install line till you get the real problem.

Using your precompiled package is a nice workaround, but as we are still working on Wine patches to improve the user experience, it would be better if our packages could be used since they receive updates.

Btw: nice blog post ;-)


06 Oct 2013 20:58 CEST comment by Adilson dos Santos Dantas (www.adilson.net.br)

Thanks for this plugin. It worked here at home with two sites running percectly using Silverlight 5.1.

Telecine Play: http://telecineplay.com.br/
EAD Estácio: http://www.estacio.br/ - A Brazilian University
The language used by both sites is Brazilian Portuguese.

And I have only one issue when installing the plugin. My distribuition is Debian Sid(unstable) 64bits and wine-compholio doesn't install because of libasound2-plugins:i386 dependency. So I removed it from debian/control file and rebuild the package. It's available here: http://www.4shared.com/folder/zKrj9O6b/wine-compholio-sid.html for those who got the same problem as me.

And, again, thanks for this great job.

06 Oct 2013 19:44 CEST comment by SiO2

Hello Michael,thanks for your support,

It doesn't work. I don't have a custom config and also after doing an uninstall, zypper ref and a new install chrome shows the same problem. I've also tried a fresh install on a OpenSUSE 12.2 I have on a second partition but during the installation process is shown this error:

Problem: nothing provides wine-gecko >= 2.24-needed to Wine pipelight-1.7.3-3.1.x86_64

may this be the problem?

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