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Added IPv6 support for fds-team.de
26 May 2013 04:58 CEST  written by FDS-Team - 2 comment(s)

We are happy to announce that our website finally supports IPv6! We have been planning this step for a long time, but unfortunately such new technologies are not yet known to the majority of german internet providers and even some hosting companys do not support it yet. Although this technique exists for more than a decade (since 1998), some ISPs act like it was unforeseeable that we run out of IPv4 addresses. As some ISPs in other countries are more progressive or do only serve IPv4 addresses via a tunnel, we decided to enable it at least for this server.

If your provider supports IPv6, you are probably already using it to access this website. Our dns entry for fds-team.de contains both addresses, so your browser should select the right connection automatically. If you experience any problems with our adjustment feel free to contact us. You may use the IPv6 version although your internet provider doesn't support this natively by using a tunnel broker service such as SixXS. There are several other services out there, but I only tested SixXS which worked quite well.

If they start providing IPv6 support for the vast majority, we can only hope that they do not repeat the same error as they did with IPv4 by assigning bigger subnets than needed. If they continue like they are doing at the moment, we will have chances to add IPv8 support before we can shutdown IPv4 ;-).

29 Dec 2013 21:22 CET comment by Sebastian

Hi mik,

thanks for the nice feedback :)

By the way: Was it your intention to post this below an unrelated article? ;-)


29 Dec 2013 09:22 CET comment by mik

You've done a great job! Thanks for Debian on hx4700, it really bring my iPAQ back to live!


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